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The Holiday Season is officially reving up and since the economy is acting a little wonky I've decided you need more bang for your buck.  So for the months of November and December I'm going to continue to give out double rewards on patreon.  I will also be offering a buy one get one free to anyone who mentions this email or having seen this message on my sales page when purchasing anything off of  Like wise if you buy (not rent) a video off of my vimeo page and send me a screenshot of the receipt now through the end of the year I will give you a coupon code for a free video of equal or lesser value.  

Thank you
Andrew Jackson
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Interested in modeling or booking a photo shoot for yourself?

Photography Session Just for you.

  • For this type of session the project is all about you and what you want to shoot.  I am happy to help on creative ideas but all the work we create is yours to do with as you please.  A limited release is provided to the model when edits are given.
  • My rate for these types of shoots is as follows:
    • 1 hour mini session - $100 + and any location/studio fees.  6 High resolution digital edits.
    • 2 hour - $250 + and any location/studio fees.  10 High resolution digital edits.
    • 4 hour - $400 + and any location/studio fees.  20 High resolution digital edits.. 50% discount on any print orders.


Single Shoot Sessions with Abandoned Beauty Images

  • A single shoot typically involves one specific concept greed upon by the model and photographer before the shoot.
  • In general this is shot a one location.  Depending on the location I may meet the model there or arrange to meet at a public location first and travel there together.
  • Escorts are always welcome but not required.  I love having someone around to hold wardrobe and signs that say “We love Abandoned Beauty Images.”  That being said if an escort is being disruptive or endangering the safety of the shoot I will end a shoot early which will mean no compensation for the model and my above rates will apply.
  • Compensation is based on the type of shoot and will be discussed when confirming the concept.
  • Do you qualify to be a model for us?  Well here’s what we look for:
    • Female.  
    • 18-29.  
    • If you are heavily tattooed, pierced to the extreme, or have hair that makes you look like a fictional character this isn’t going to be the gig for you.
    • Comfortable with nudity.  Please review the portfolio area to see samples of my various styles from implied nude to art/glamour nude.