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Model For You or Model for Me!


There are three ways a model can work with us.  First we can shoot just for you.  The second is in one off shoots for print and sale.  The third is to be part of the Will Art For Food touring group.  Below are some specifics on each method of working together as well as how compensation works.  Please bear in mind that no experience in modeling is required for us to work together.  I love nothing more than working with new talent and helping them develop their skills and self confidence.

If you are interested please head on over to the contact page or shoot me a message on Instagram @AbandonedBeautyImages


Photography Session Just for you

  • For this type of session the project is all about you and what you want to shoot.  I am happy to help on creative ideas but all the work we create is your to do with as you please.  A limited release is provided to the model when edits are given.
  • My rate for these types of shoots is as follows:
    • 1 hour mini session - $100 + and any location/studio fees.  6 High resolution digital edits.
    • 2 hour - $250 + and any location/studio fees.  10 High resolution digital edits.
    • 4 hour - $400 + and any location/studio fees.  20 High resolution digital edits.. 50% discount on any print orders.
    • 8 hour - $750 with no location or studio fees. 50 High resolution digital edits.. 50% discount on any print orders.


Single Shoot Sessions with Abandoned Beauty Images

  • A single shoot typically involves one specific style pre agreed upon by the model and photographer.
  • In general this is shot a one location.  Depending on the location I may meet the model there or arrange to meet at a public location first and travel there together.
  • Escorts are always welcome but not required.  I love having someone around to hold wardrobe and signs that say “We love Abandoned Beauty Images.”  That being said if an escort is being disruptive or endangering the safety of the shoot I will end a shoot early which will mean no compensation for the model and my above rates will apply.
  • Compensation is done in one of two ways:
    • Hourly pay rate at the time of the shoot.  Pay range is typically between $75/hr and $150/hr depending on the content of the shoot and the experience level and portfolio of the model.  If a model is paid this way they will not be entitled to any pay for sale or distribution of the images sold and retain no rights to the images.
    • Split commission is the other method of payment.  Models who choose this are given a percentage of the profits of sales from downloads and prints off of AbandonedBeautyImages.com.  This can range from 25% up to 50% and is an amount agreed upon prior to the confirmation of a shoot.  Models are also given a web publish size version of every edited photo with a watermark so they can advertise where their content can be purchased.  Models will continue to be paid for as long as the content is available on the site and will be given 30 days notice if the content will be removed for any reason.
  • Do you qualify to be a model for us?  Well here’s what we look for:
    • Female.  
    • 18-29.  
    • Minimal body modifications.  If you are heavily tattooed, pierced to the extreme, or have hair that makes you look like a fictional character this isn’t going to be the gig for you.
    • Comfortable with nudity.  Please review the portfolio area to see samples of my various styles from implied nude to art/glamour nude. 


Will Art For Food Traveling Group  (2018 Revision)

  • These are longer commitments that do involve travel.  A trip is anywhere from 3-7 days.
  • You will be working with Abandoned Beauty Images and given opportunities to work with local photographers where we are traveling as well.
  • Travel is covered for the models.  This includes housing, flights, gas, three meals a day, etc. 
  • Models are also compensated through image sales from Abandoned Beauty Images shoots as a 50% split commission payment (see above).
  • Do you qualify to be a model for us on tour?  Well here’s what we look for:
    • Female.
    • 18-25.
    • Minimal body modifications.  No more than 2 tattoos and neither may be larger than can be covered by your hand.  Your hair must be a natural color.
    • Comfortable with artistic and tasteful nudity.  At this time there are no available travel slots for models who cannot shoot at least implied nude and topless artistic work.