"We live only to discover Beauty. All else is a form of waiting." - Kahlil Gibran

Welcome to my image sales site. I am photographer specializing in fashion and art nude concepts though my work covers a wide range of styles and locations with more work being added all the time. Capturing the beauty of the world is a passion of mine and I am always ready to share that with my fans. I have been working as a professional photographer since 2008 and as a hobbyist for most of my life before that. While I consider myself to be based out of beautiful Traverse City, MI I spend about half of my time on the road.

On Location Photography Session Rates:
2 hour - $250.
4 hour - $400.
8 hour - $700.

Studio Photography Session Rates:
2 hour - $200.
4 hour - $350.
8 hour - $600.

I also mentor and train new model talent as a side business.  If you are interested in modeling and want to learn the basics of how to do it in a safe and profitable way feel free to email me at dajptalent@gmail.com.